Texas Pandaa – Days

31 August 2009

Release Date – 2007



1 Intro 0:36
2 Days 5:49
3 Blind 5:30
4 Old Times 3:57
5 Dry Me Up 5:23
6 Sway 5:57
7 Inside the Sad Cafe 3:14
8 And What Flows 4:57
9 No Recall 5:52
10 Blind (meow version) 4:51

Texas Pandaa – Days.rar

Second opus for this cold japanese band..

surely it’s not a milestone, not a master-work, it’s only a tiny and cute teenAged album. A voice like a child and a sound with strange combination affect by post rock and samples. A special note for the great booklet.

Nothing else.. sorry but listen it..


Ministri – Tempi Bui

18 August 2009

Release Date – 2009

Tempi Bui


1 Tempi bui
2 Bevo
3 Il futuro è una trappola
4 La faccia di Briatore
5 Il bel canto
6 La casa brucia
7 Diritto al tetto
8 Berlino 3
9 E se poi si spegne tutto
10 Vicenza (la voglio anche io una base a)
11 Ballata del lavoro interinale

Ministri – Tempi Bui.rar

Another Italian Band, second opus!

In the first album there were a lot of raw guitars and fuckin offhanded rock’n’roll. All were associated to relevants and not banals lirycs with social backgrounds.. a great start. This second opus overdraw the impressives lyrics and the attack to italian culture, politics and storical misdeed, a lot of ballad are introduced and the ruling of hard sound are lost (not in live show), surely a reverse, a popular approach to do accessible to the numb and dumb italian people the meaning of the songs..

Mùm – Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy

28 July 2009

Release Date – 2007

Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy


1 Blessed Brambles 6:00
2 A Little Bit, Sometimes 3:50
3 They Made Frogs Smoke ‘Til They Exploded 4:02
4 These Eyes Are Berries 3:00
5 Moon Pulls 2:32
6 Marmalade Fires 5:03
7 Rhubarbidoo 1:34
8 Dancing Behind My Eyelids 4:07
9 Schoolsong Misfortune 2:39
10 I Was Her Horse 2:08
11 Guilty Rocks 5:02
12 Winter (What We Never Were After All) 4:08

Mum – Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy.rar

It’s the sixth opus for the iceland band, the first without the sisters Gyða and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir, Gyða (piano) left in 2002, and  Kristin (voice) left before this album. It’s strange that mum remain mum without their voices (singer plus coro), but it’s incredible!  thi album is the best! Another voice Hildur (cellist) replace kristin and the digital sound leave space to the live instruments. the songs now are less rarefy of iceland, and more  lightly as a fairy-tale’s videogame!! It’s a curious lullaby singed with jerk of minimal electronic sound. …goodluck!

Offlaga Discopax – Bachelite

27 July 2009

Release Date – 2008



1 Superchiome 4:21

2 Ventrale 3:17
3 Dove ho messo la Golf? 6:18
4 Sensibile 5:49
5 Lungimiranza 4:00
6 Cioccolato I.A.C.P. 9:19
7 Fermo! 5:42
8 Onomastica 5:55
9 Venti minuti 7:02

Offlaga Discopax – Bachelite.rar

This is the second opus for offlaga Discopax after a very important album of the ’05

This Italian group strongly disagree with music without message; politics, history, social, and private episodes of life!

In the background a voice that never sings and an experimentation of electronic sounds from ’80, plus guitar.

It’s a very special form of italian music. A big success among the common people without any form of advertising!

It’s very deserved..

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica – Canzoni Da Spiaggia Deturpata

4 July 2009

Release Date – 2008

Canzoni Da Spiaggia Deturpata


1 Lacrimogeni 1:53
2 Per combattere l’acne 3:18
3 Sere feriali 2:38
4 Stagnola 3:14
5 Piromani 3:50
6 La lotta armata al bar 3:39
7 La gigantesca scritta COOP 4:01
8 Fare i camerieri 3:35
9 Produzioni seriali di cieli stellati 3:23
10 Nei garage a Milano nord 4:19

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica – Canzoni Da Spiaggia Deturpata.rar

This is the first real opus for Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, (he’s one and only).

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica=the lights of the electric central.

Vasco Brondi is the Name behind the lights..Voice and Guitar…  for many people is a new prophet, for many other he’s only the winner of “Disc of the year” and “Artist of the year”.

for me is just a little guy with a guitar who poetically expresses the malaise of our times with great words!

Produzioni Seriali Di Cieli Stellati

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To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie – The Patron

10 June 2009

Release Date – 2007

the patron


1 The Patron 5:47
2 The Man with the Shovel, Is the Man I’m Going to Marry 7:59
3 Lovers & Liars 6:09
4 Long Arms 7:51
5 Dedicated Secretary, Liaison, Passionate Mother 2:01
6 I Box Twenty 4:19
7 You Guys Talk, We’ll Spill Our Guts 7:05
8 With Brass Songs They’ll Descend 3:57
9 Very Lovely 7:38
10Window Shopping 3:13

To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie – The Patron.rar

First Opus.

this is the essence of surreal, a tender and soft voice of all drive me in a world like “Alice in dark wonderland”.. all is foggy and dense.  It’s a little band, and a little pearl of big worth

Crippled Black Phoenix – A Love Of Shared Disasters

1 June 2009

Release Date – 2007

love of shared Disasters


1 The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary 2:36
2 Really, How’d It Get This Way? 4:49
3 The Whistler 9:45
4 Suppose I Told the Truth 5:03
5 When You’re Gone 5:35
6 Long Cold Summer 10:34
7 Goodnight, Europe 6:08
8 You Take the Devil Out of Me 4:23
9 The Northern Cobbler 7:32
10 My Enemies I Fear Not But, Protect Me from My Friends 6:34
11 I’m Almost Home 5:32
12 Sharks & Storms/Blizzard of Horned Cats 8:19

Crippled Black Phoenix – Love Of Shared Disasters.rar

It tell just like a crippled living, but.. it’s a phoenix, a black phoenix… accross the life, with dark melodies and it can’t die forever..

it’s a folk album, with post rock guitar, and voice of small ports.  Sad, wounded, killed, risen and wounded!

this is the meaning of a love of shared disasters, an album of ballads of other times and places..