The Veils – Nux Vomica

17 September 2009

Release Date – 2006

Nux Vomica


1 Not Yet 4:54
2 Calliope! 3:35
3 Advice for Young Mothers to Be 3:25
4 Jesus for the Jugular 4:46
5 Pan 4:58
6 A Birthday Present 3:43
7 Under the Folding Branches 3:23
8 Nux Vomica 5:30
9 One Night on Earth 4:08
10 House Where We All Live 5:06

The Veils – Nux Vomica.rar

Second opus for this new zealander band.

this album never enjoyed great consideration, but i thinks it is an album felt deeply from the members of the group, the voice of the singer, a very live front man,  (Andrews) give a personal identity at every song, and every melody is a part of a ballad interpreted and dissected.

Nux vomica is the homeopathic remedy indicated for people suffering  mental stress and mental overload! …that’s ok…


Ministri – Tempi Bui

18 August 2009

Release Date – 2009

Tempi Bui


1 Tempi bui
2 Bevo
3 Il futuro è una trappola
4 La faccia di Briatore
5 Il bel canto
6 La casa brucia
7 Diritto al tetto
8 Berlino 3
9 E se poi si spegne tutto
10 Vicenza (la voglio anche io una base a)
11 Ballata del lavoro interinale

Ministri – Tempi Bui.rar

Another Italian Band, second opus!

In the first album there were a lot of raw guitars and fuckin offhanded rock’n’roll. All were associated to relevants and not banals lirycs with social backgrounds.. a great start. This second opus overdraw the impressives lyrics and the attack to italian culture, politics and storical misdeed, a lot of ballad are introduced and the ruling of hard sound are lost (not in live show), surely a reverse, a popular approach to do accessible to the numb and dumb italian people the meaning of the songs..

Nihiling – M(e)iosis

19 July 2009

Release Date – 2009



1 Unpatient 2:17
2 Moth Gate 6:28
3 Nascent 6:05
4 Cataract 5:51
5 The World Ends With Me 6:41
6 Diaphanous Gate 4:43
7 Machination 5:31
8 Holworld 1:50
9 Captives 5:39
10 A Flight Over An Arctic Mountain Ridge 8:53
11 Not Even Close To Your UnderstandingOf… 8:48

Nihiling – M(e)iosis.rar

This is the first opus for the Nihilig, a german band that after two very experimental demotapes determine its sound.

It look like as a strange rock with a basic post rock inspiration, but they open windows in pop, emo, numetal (?##!).

A little stepback compared with the ambiguity of the murky drone of the demo.. or maybe…a consciousness of what Nihiling wants to play without shame! They are no so alternative!! and now?

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

19 June 2009

Release Date – 2005

Silent Alarm


1 Like Eating Glass 4:20
2 Helicopter 3:40
3 Positive Tension 3:54
4 Banquet 3:22
5 Blue Light 2:47
6 She’s Hearing Voices 3:29
7 This Modern Love 4:25
8 Pioneers 3:35
9 Price of Gasoline 4:19
10 Little Thoughts 3:27
11 So Here We Are 3:53
12 Luno 3:57
13 Plans 4:10
14 Compliments 4:40

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm.rar

This first opus, it’s a little gem…
Bloc Party, nothing of political in the name.. they are a classic trendy teenagerock band… very trivial…
yes yes.. but it’s so awesome!!