To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie – The Patron

10 June 2009

Release Date – 2007

the patron


1 The Patron 5:47
2 The Man with the Shovel, Is the Man I’m Going to Marry 7:59
3 Lovers & Liars 6:09
4 Long Arms 7:51
5 Dedicated Secretary, Liaison, Passionate Mother 2:01
6 I Box Twenty 4:19
7 You Guys Talk, We’ll Spill Our Guts 7:05
8 With Brass Songs They’ll Descend 3:57
9 Very Lovely 7:38
10Window Shopping 3:13

To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie – The Patron.rar

First Opus.

this is the essence of surreal, a tender and soft voice of all drive me in a world like “Alice in dark wonderland”.. all is foggy and dense.  It’s a little band, and a little pearl of big worth