Sinner DC – Arkle Parkle Avanuenic

30 May 2009

Release Date – 2005

Arkle Parkle Avanue


1 Born to Be Mild 4:26
2 Nothing Cares in the Middle of the Night 3:14
3 Zum Dritten Mal 4:44
4 Alice 6:09
5 Interlaken 1:19
6 In the Back of M y Mind 5:24
7 Romy Schneider 3:03
8 La Part des Anges 3:35
9 Awotws 4:41
10 Win the Sun.. 9:40

Sinner DC – Arkle Parkle Avanue.rar

second opus for this romanda’s trio

A fine mix of electronic and pop influences, and ipnotic, hybrid music. Is a foggy and propulsive sound, so captivating. Composed of hot electro sounds orchestrated with intelligent melodies and repetitive riffs.  Perhaps one of the most original band of the electronic scene of the moment.
Stay tuned!! other 2 albums in arrive!!