Mogwai – Happy Song For Happy People

15 June 2009

Release Date – 2003

happy song for happy people


1 Hunted By a Freak 4:16
2 Moses? I Amn’t 3:02
3 Kids Will Be Skeletons 5:27
4 Killing All the Flies 4:35
5 Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep 3:05
6 Ratts of the Capital 8:25
7 Golden Porsche 2:49
8 I Know You Are But What Am I? 5:17
9 Stop Coming to My House 4:55

Mogwai – Happy Song For Happy People.rar

This opus is the nth for Mogwai,  one of the founder of post rock, and certainly the largest exponent.
This album deviate from the old other cause there is a strong component of eletronic and sinth.  It’s my prefer for meaning and atmospheres..