Crippled Black Phoenix – A Love Of Shared Disasters

1 June 2009

Release Date – 2007

love of shared Disasters


1 The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary 2:36
2 Really, How’d It Get This Way? 4:49
3 The Whistler 9:45
4 Suppose I Told the Truth 5:03
5 When You’re Gone 5:35
6 Long Cold Summer 10:34
7 Goodnight, Europe 6:08
8 You Take the Devil Out of Me 4:23
9 The Northern Cobbler 7:32
10 My Enemies I Fear Not But, Protect Me from My Friends 6:34
11 I’m Almost Home 5:32
12 Sharks & Storms/Blizzard of Horned Cats 8:19

Crippled Black Phoenix – Love Of Shared Disasters.rar

It tell just like a crippled living, but.. it’s a phoenix, a black phoenix… accross the life, with dark melodies and it can’t die forever..

it’s a folk album, with post rock guitar, and voice of small ports.  Sad, wounded, killed, risen and wounded!

this is the meaning of a love of shared disasters, an album of ballads of other times and places..