65 Days Of Static – Escape From New York

12 June 2009

Release Date – 2009

escape from new york


1  Drove through Ghosts to get here 4:25
2  No use crying Over (some Techno~) 2:12
3  Retreat! Retreat! 3:42
4  Await Rescue 4:50
5  Fix the sky a little 5:06
65 doesn’t understand you 6:16
7  primer 5:25
Radio Protector 5:16
9  Four Score and (some drum and bass) 3:06
10 a failsafe 5:37

65 Days Of Static – Escape From New York.rar

This is the last opus for 65 days of static.  It’s a live album, there are sweat and emotion..

I saw it in florence for the tour of the first album.. instrumental.. sampling… post rock.. and techno!! It’s a medley of style..

It’s not the classic two thousand’s years electro-rock band of laboratory… u’ll dance dance….

We will not retreat: this band is unstoppable!