Ministri – Tempi Bui

Release Date – 2009

Tempi Bui


1 Tempi bui
2 Bevo
3 Il futuro è una trappola
4 La faccia di Briatore
5 Il bel canto
6 La casa brucia
7 Diritto al tetto
8 Berlino 3
9 E se poi si spegne tutto
10 Vicenza (la voglio anche io una base a)
11 Ballata del lavoro interinale

Ministri – Tempi Bui.rar

Another Italian Band, second opus!

In the first album there were a lot of raw guitars and fuckin offhanded rock’n’roll. All were associated to relevants and not banals lirycs with social backgrounds.. a great start. This second opus overdraw the impressives lyrics and the attack to italian culture, politics and storical misdeed, a lot of ballad are introduced and the ruling of hard sound are lost (not in live show), surely a reverse, a popular approach to do accessible to the numb and dumb italian people the meaning of the songs..


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